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Do B2B without B2B

Reach precise targets in the social channels they use most at 50% or lower than the cost for B2B/industry publications

Effective and Efficient B2B Digital Advertising

B2B advertising that is effective and efficient can be tough to achieve. 

B2B publishers are effective because they have access to a niche audiences that are key for B2B advertising success. They also offer opportunities for leadership positions, and are often tied to trade show opportunities. All of these add up to high prices but don’t offer innovative and immersive ad units. Publishers typically charge extremely high CPMs (average $100+) and high minimums for cookie-cutter email and standard banner programs. 

Social and programmatic advertising are more efficient with significantly lower CPMs (average $8) than B2B publishers. They also allow for more control over the performance and optimization. Brands who self-manage B2B digital marketing programs own the data on ad viewers and engagers. And social platforms have unique and engaging ad units like Twitter full screen video and Facebook instant experiences. The difficulty with social and programmatic is limited audience targeting capabilities. B2B decision makers are present on social and the web every single day. (B2B people (CEOs, CFOs and CTOs) are people too!). Like the rest of us, they spend the majority of their social time on Facebook and Twitter. Time spent on social channels is measured by hours per day. The average person spends 2 hours and 24 minutes a day on social media. B2B publishers measure time spent by minutes per month. Hours per day vs. minutes per month is a huge gap. 

Social and programmatic advertising does have its pitfalls - it is really tough to actually find and reach B2B decisions makers. The existing platform targeting options can’t guarantee that you are going to reach those CEOs or decision makers that are key to success with B2B advertising.

So how can advertisers and marketers achieve both effectiveness and efficiency?

Combine the effective audience targeting capabilities of B2B publishers with the efficiency of social and programmatic advertising through intelligent audience targeting.

What is intelligent audience targeting?

A targeting approach that utilizes 3rd party data to reach B2B decision makers across social and programmatic advertising channels. For example, if a CEO is scrolling through her Facebook feed on her ride to work and we are targeting CEOs through 3rd party data in a Facebook media campaign, she can get served the ad.

Data partners like Netwise and Bombora securely source data and create audiences that allow advertisers and marketers to reach B2B decision makers across multiple industries. Whether that is CEOs at tech companies or CMOs in the food industry.

Below is a snapshot of Netwise data segments in the healthcare field.

Netwise can also build custom segments.

To access data partners like Netwise and Bombora, a company called LiveRamp aggregates the partner data. Within the LiveRamp Datastore, marketers can select audiences that meet their targeting criteria from hundreds of different data partners and distribute to Facebook, Twitter, etc.  

Comparison of Traditional B2B to Programmatic Paid Social B2B

This approach has helped us achieve 16x or more lower CPM, 74x or lower CPE than B2B publishers without sacrificing audience targeting. Here are the details: B2B pub $100 CPM+ vs Facebook at $6 (16x lower). B2B Click Through Rate of 0.09% CTR vs 0.4% for Facebook. B2B CPE is $111 vs $1.50 for FB (74x lower)

We aren’t the only ones who have found success in social and programmatic advertising. Check out these Facebook/Instagram case studies. All three companies utilized features that you can’t get with B2B publishers. 

1. Ubiregi took advantage of the lead ad unit on Facebook to drive more cost efficient leads. 

2. Appsee used remarketing to reach their B2B prospecting list through stories ads. 

3. Paessler AG created ads with fun and interactive messaging to connect with their target audience on Facebook. A unique and different approach than your typical B2B publisher ads.  

Interested in learning more about intelligent audience targeting to "do B2B without B2B?" Contact us today. #programmticB2B, #effectivemarketing, #socialB2B

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