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We solve the tough questions

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While all our clients are different, we hear the same types of questions.


And we answer those questions when we craft a personalized media approach just for you.

How much do I invest in paid media? 

Our process starts with your business goals so we can chart a course to where you want to be. Our budget-setting bootcamp can put you in a leadership position with Share of Voice or can drop spending to the lowest possible level that still gives you statistically significant performance.   

Who do I target with media buys? 

Our strategy and data plans leverage client, vendor, and campaign performance data to target decision makers with surgical precision. We build audiences using both your first-party client data as drawing from third-party sources. 

What results should I expect? 

Just as you don’t want to overpromise and underdeliver to your team, we make the same commitment to you. We’re here to help in defining both goals and KPIs for your marketing investment. 

When should I make my media buys? 

You want to strike when most of your target market is active, so we create investment scheduling recommendations based on seasonality, competitive activity, media cost, and other factors.

Where do I spend my media dollars? 

We develop custom scorecards based on your criteria for channel and partner selection, using an omnichannel approach that doesn’t just tick the same boxes as your competitors. 

How do I track, measure, and optimize? 

We use near-real-time analytics dashboards that will give instant readings on creative results, audience engagement, and message effectiveness. Our reporting includes insights to optimize current and future campaigns. 

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