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We use The Effective 10

Through our years of experience, Effective has created 10 unique approaches to performance paid media. Born from unmet needs in marketing services, each improves on a standard industry approach — not just to be different, but to be better. The Effective 10 represent our core value proposition.

We bring the insights.

  • Deeply understand businesses in order to identify growth opportunities via paid media

  • Reverse-engineer plans in order to achieve aggressive goals

  • Blend art and science, the proven and the experimental, to openly and confidently build predictable, profitable marketing programs that elevate brands and the people responsible for their growth


Effective Agreement 

An effective client-agency relationship begins with an effective agreement.


We never charge a commission on ad spend or data use, and we don’t accept kickbacks or offers from vendors to bill clients on gross and pay out net. If you think your agency isn't being completely upfront with you, ask to see their platforms to compare ad spend to what they are sharing in billing and performance reporting!



While we love long-term commitments, some of our most successful clients like to take things more slowly. We also love AOR agreements, but we've collaborated both with in-house and external so we can focus on areas that need our help.



We develop project-based estimates according to the amount of work needed. 


Proactive Media Brief

Every one of our plans begins with a media brief to capture your knowledge about the project, which affords us incredible amount of efficiency during the project kick-off. Instead of staring at a blank template, we quickly validate what we’ve proactively captured and look to gather additional inputs in order to finalize the brief and move into planning. 


Effective Index and "Share of Everything"

The Effective Index is our independent ratings system for evaluating the top paid-media programs in the U.S. market today.


We conduct our “Share of Everything” analysis to compare brands in a business vertical on key measures of brand performance:

  • share of website visits 

  • share of search

  • share of social

  • share of app downloads

  • share of market relative to ad spend (share of voice)

For example, a brand that has 30% share of market (SOM) and 30% share of ad spend (SOV) has a 100 Effectiveness index score (30% SOM / 30% SOV x 100). The higher the score, the more effective the marketing effort. We then dive deeper to identify why brands are scoring high and low and offer recommendations on how to maintain their scores or improve them. 


Business Intelligence Inventory 

Effective leads a discovery project to help clients capture what they know and don’t know about their business. The inventory breaks down all aspects of intelligence about the business, brand, consumer and marketing channels, and programs used to drive sales. For each area, we rank the importance of the information, capture the knowledge the company has, the gap, the step to fill if needed and then who is responsible for filling the gap, how and when they will do so and the estimated cost. 


Behavior Change Model 

Effective uses the BJ Fogg Behavioral Model to demonstrate the role of marketing in driving behavior change. The model explains how behavior is a product of three factors – motivation, ability, and a trigger event. Effective estimates a prospect’s levels across those three dimensions and then creates a paid-media program to increase motivation and ability along with trigger events to encourage immediate action.


Identity Monitoring 

Effective pairs job-title-based media buys with website audience identification software to identify B2B prospects and monitor their brand engagement. 


ROI Forecast 

We create conversion models and ROI forecasts using a blend of client, industry and agency historical data. We develop estimates on multiple KPI dimensions to calculate the all-in cost of gaining a new customer:

  • the number of proposals,

  • presentations,

  • meetings,

  • appointments,

  • leads,

  • website visits,

  • clicks,

  • engagements,

  • ad impressions,

  • and ad spend.

Armed with that data, we can calculate the value of a new customer relative to the cost of new-customer acquisition to calculate a true ROI.


Partner Scorecard 

Our scorecard is Effective’s proprietary approach to channel and partner selection. For each plan we create, we develop custom criteria for partner recommendation and budget allocation. The matrix is a mix of hard and soft measures of how different partners and placements can deliver on the requirements of the media plan. Partners are scored and chosen based on their ability to meet plan criteria. 


Real-Time Analytics  

Effective’s analytics dashboards allows us to understand the channels, placements, audiences, and creative versions that work best and adjust based on goal vs actual performance.


Predictive Model 

Effective uses campaign performance data to develop predictive models used to estimate the outcomes of future marketing investment scenarios.  

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