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Effective campaigns build businesses and win awards.  

The ADA App Launch wins AdAge's Integrated Campaign of the Year, bronze, advocacy, Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards 2023.

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The American Dental Association, which represents 159,000 dentists, is seeking to support the newest generation of dentists by expanding its messaging to appeal to early-career dentists, who are more likely to be women and non-white. Created with Spool Marketing Communication, the campaign’s goal was to promote a resource for early-career dentists that supports them personally and professionally while also showing them the benefits of membership. 


The campaign drove engagement with the reimagined ADA Member App, created in collaboration with young dentists and dental students. The app is an exclusive member benefit that provides mentorship, a digital wallet to hold documents such as credentials and licensing information and a continuing education tracker. 


The member app launch captured bronze for Integrated Campaign of the Year among advocacy organizations in the Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards, 2023. It relied on a three-phase strategy across all paid, earned, shared and owned channels, targeting members through digital media, direct mail, the association’s social media channels, website updates and calling campaigns asking them to download the app. The group also launched sweepstakes and giveaways for those who downloaded and engaged with the app—such as through taking a career path quiz—and drew people in using peer-to-peer stories and testimonials. 

After about a year, the campaign surpassed its stretch goal of 20,000 downloads of the new app and drove action from nearly 13% of ADA members who engaged with the app, according to the advertising agency. More than 6,700 dentists entered at least one sweepstakes or giveaway, the agency said.

Howard Hughes corporate relocation campaign wins NYX Awards Grand Winner Strategic Campaign - Digital Marketing Campaign 2023.

The Howard Hughes Corporation is known for building award-winning communities that provide more than a place to live; they offer business opportunities and lifestyles everyone desires.


We were tasked with building awareness for these communities that target decision makers throughout the United States. The digital marketing campaigns addressed a few key challenges associated with seven-figure investments necessary to migrate and build bespoke company headquarters in a new state and subsequently working through their respective multi-year purchase journeys. We can achieve this through the remarkable creativity provided by the Robertson team.

Reaching individuals who are the decision makers in moving a company or creating a satellite office can be a difficult feat. We posed the question to our target audience, "How much house does your money buy in different cities? You'd be surprised." This resonated really well with the audience in terms of post engagement.


We used video assets that visually detailed how the cost-per-square foot of a home in San Francisco is vastly overvalued compared to a brand new HHC home in their Houston community. We delivered videos that outlined the tax-incentivized benefits of living in Texas and Nevada. Those videos highlighted community benefits like how the amount of parks nearby can contribute to an outstanding work/life balance. To fully illustrate the message, drone videos were used to fully display how truly vibrant HHC communities are. The holistic message for the campaign was "Success Lives Here." The meaning behind this tagline is you don't need to live in a busy, overpriced city to reap the benefits of what a successful life is. We needed to show how life in an HHC community provides better access to adventure, freedom, culture, connection, and innovation. It also provides more time for family, exercise and entertainment.


By using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels to deliver our message, we were able to make assists on net new deals and also fill the funnel with many high-value prospects.


Upon completion of the campaign, we received over 1,500 leads. Based on this success, we plan to continue our efforts through 2023.

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