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Getting By With A Little Help From Your Brands

Updated: May 27, 2020

What can brands do during a pandemic?

These are unprecedented times. Millions of people are out of work, shops are closed, video chats are at an all time high.

As an advertiser or marketer, there are so many things to consider: Make sure not to be tone deaf, Do we advertise and ignore the current situation or make light of it? Do we even advertise?

There is probably no right answer, but one common theme during this time is that everyone could use a little bit of help from friends, family, and brands.

For brands, content that can help customers will go a long way. There is an opportunity to be the source of knowledge for so many people at home.

According to Google Trends, “how-to” search terms interest is up in the last month. The search term “How to bake bread” interest is up 75x compared to average.

How to cut my own hair” interest is up 80x compared to average.

These customers need our help and brands can create content that can assist them.

Braun, a company that makes electric razors, is doing just that. They have created two videos hosted on YouTube that lean into the increase of “How-to” searches and helping consumers. How to cut your child’s hair at home has over 33k views and How to cut your own hair at home has over 128k views.

Each video has subtle selling points for the Braun razor, but the main focus is to help. These content pieces help consumers now and in the long run convert customers.

When thinking about what to do as an advertiser or marketer, lean into what people need the most and create content that can help them.

For example, our friend Ryan Maconochie made this map and directory to help local restaurants.

We showed our Steak ‘n Shake client and they were interested in building similar maps for the restaurants in their trade areas.

Define the help you can provide in this difficult time and get started. In the long term, customers will remember and convert.

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