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5 Things to Know about TikTok's Self-Serve Advertising Platform

TikTok Advertising has arrived. TikTok has released their self-serve platform to select agencies and advertisers. We just received access and here are 5 things to know.

1. The platform is a combination of Google Ads, Facebook, and Snapchat. The platform has a dashboard similar to Google Ads that displays the overall account information - campaign, ad group, gender, placements, etc. As you dive into campaign creation, you see a Facebook-like layout. The targeting and creative options are most like Snapchat - broad and simple.

2. There are three advertising objectives. Traffic, Conversion, and App Installs. Advertisers can select their objective that best fits their goal.

3. TikTok has pixel tracking capabilities. Advertisers/brands can place a tracking pixel on their website to track website visits. Event codes are available to track additional conversions like purchases and subscriptions.

4. The ad format options are videos or images. Similar to Facebook, TikTok provides video templates to create content that fits best for their app. They also have the option for creative optimization which is like dynamic advertising on Facebook. The videos, images, and ad texts dynamically change based on performance.

5. Audience targeting is broad like Snapchat. Advertisers/brands can select from a dropdown list of interest categories. Example categories include Beauty & Personal Care, Education, Games, and Sports & Outdoors.

Advertisers/brands have the option to create custom audiences from a customer file, engagement, app activity, website traffic, and look-a-like audiences.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us today about TikTok ads.

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May 01

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