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  • User base is younger - majority of users are under the age of 25. 

  • Location data - users allow Snapchat to know their location, so advertisers can target based on shopper behavior and store visit data. 

  • Creative capabilities that are highly interactive - lenses, short videos, filters


  • Not optimal for conversion goals

  • Depending on creative capabilities, creative should be unique and tailored to Snapchat specifically

Best Practices

  • Lean into the creative expression that Snapchat users emulate while creating their own video content and tailor that to your creative. 

  • Utilize Snapchat's location data to reach people based on their shopping and store visit habits. Great for CPG companies looking to reach people who have visited grocery or convenience stores in recently. 

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Image from iOS (10).png

Single Image or Video Ad


  • Full-screen ads that appear in-between stories

  • File type: .mp4, .mov, .jpg, or .png

  • Aspect ratio: 9:16

  • Resolution: 1080px x 1920px

  • Length: 3-180 seconds

  • Attachments: Website, app, long form video or AR Lens

Brand, headline, and calls-to-action

  • Brand: Up to 25 characters with spaces 

  • Headline: Up to 34 characters with spaces

  • Calls-to-action: Select the CTA text. Snapchat applies the visual and places the CTA on the ad

Lens AR Experiences


  • Branded augmented reality experiences that appear within the Snapchat camera


Lens branding guidelines

  • Visible logo or brand name required on Face and World Lenses

  • Avoid placing the brand logo where it may be obscured by UI elements or the carousel on the bottom of the screen

  • The recommended logo placement is on the top left or top right under the UI elements

  • Snapchat adds a 'SPONSORED' slug to the creative. This appears for only 2 seconds and doesn't show in users' Snaps

  • With Lens Web Builder anyone can create an AR experience in minutes using hundreds of our free objects and animations.



  • Branded filter overlays that Snapchatters can apply after taking a Snap, whether it’s an image or video. 


Filter requirements

  • File type: .png

  • Resolution: 1080px x 2340px 

  • Mandatory text, logos and legal disclaimers may not be placed within 310px of the top or bottom of the canvas

  • Visible brand logo or brand name

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