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Effective has a long history of being first. 

1st street-art mural for the Chicago Bears - now in year 4. Idea spawned

1st programmatic experiential programmatic campaign for Walgreen's (Programmatic Experiential is a term we coined for using real-time location data to build audience targets)

1st enhanced Direct Mail for Leer and Omron Healthcare (Enhanced Direct Mail is term we coined for developing a coordinated program using 1st party data to unify direct mail, paid social and newsletter ads)

One of the 1st video ads on LinkedIn

1st programmatic campaign for Centro

1st Real-Time Dynamic Creative Optimization platform (we founded Adaptive Campaigns)

1st dynamic HTML5 ad - We helped Flashtalking test their first dynamic non-Flash ad

One of the 1st self-serve advertisers on Nativo, ad native ads platform

1st sports radio ratings system - Developed custom research model merging Brusin and Arbitron to estimate in-game sports ratings

1st co-op dynamic creative retargeting platform for Peapod

1st retargeting ad for P&G

1st all digital campaign for Gillette

1st $0 campaign for Inspiration Kitchens

1st 1st party data-only campaign for McCormick Foundation

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